April fools

Today is April Fool’s Day, and inSuggest can – as always – give you some recommendations based on your taste.

Here is today’s choice of inSuggest’s blog editor:

What do you like? Enter some of your favourite web sites and give Web inSuggest a try:


Link to other media about April fools:

Recommendations from famous Swedes

The newspaper Ny Teknik publish favorite links from famous Swedes every week. The week, Lars Sjunnesson from E.ON., Jan-Eric Sundgren from Volvo, and Åsa Sundberg from Provider Venture Partners provided their links. Click below, to get web site recommendations based on their taste:

Recommendations from Lars Sjunnesson

Recommendations from Jan-Eric Sundgren

Recommendations from Åsa Sundberg

Are you like Peter Löthberg?

The Swedish newspaper Ny Teknik recently let some people list their favorite web sites. Interesting things happens when taking the web sites into Web inSuggest. Here you can see the real taste of the Internet guru Peter Löthberg, climate expert Christian Azar and ABB’s research manager Charlotte Brogren:

Personal recommendations for Peter Löthberg
Personal recommendations for Christian Azar
Personal recommendations for Charlotte Brogren

Updated Image inSuggest

We have now updated Images inSuggest with some new features. The most significant is that we now are linking directly to the original Flickr web page, instead of showing the pictures at the same page.

Doing so, Image inSuggest also better conforms with Flickr’s rules.

Promo tour downtown

Some weekend fun, provided by inSuggest’s viral marketing team 🙂

CNET likes it

We are happy to read what you think about inSuggest. Today, CNET.com’s Webware wrote about us. Read it here:


Also, you can read about the “Mystery Search Engine“on AltSearchEngines, and a posting from Internet guru Phil Bradley.

inSuggest to Silicon Valley

Part of the inSuggest team will visit Silicon Valley next week. If you are interested to meet us, please send an e-mail to info[at]insuggest.com

San Francisco